Coding is Easier Than You Think: Why You Should Drop Out Today

I had to completely redesign The Bees Trees website due to the limiting options GoDaddy provides. I’ve designed other websites on WordPress before so it should be no trouble. I was wrong. It wasn’t onerous, but it wasn’t easy either. I just had to learn some basic coding techniques.

I needed to make some changes on the website that required me to edit the CSS code. I’ve done minor coding work in the past, but nothing too significant. This was a new venture for me.

Luckily, I received guidance from Chuck Grimmett, the CTO at Praxis. His help was invaluable. Chuck up another point for Praxis (no pun intended), in the battle against college.

You know, it’s funny. I actually had taken a coding class while I was in music technology school at Capital University.

Learning in School vs Learning in Real Life

I remember we were supposed to design our own personal website (for a grade, not for ourselves). We were given a few options to use to build our website: WordPress, Weebly, and I can’t remember the third.

We were *encouraged* (read: discouraged) to use WordPress. My professor at the time elaborated how much more difficult it was. Then he said it had no influence on your final grade. You can guess what happened next.

I did what any logical student would do (besides dropping out), I used Weebly. Nearly the whole class used Weebly. The only ones who didn’t were ones who already had experience using WordPress.

Talk about education!

If it wasn’t explicit enough, I did not retain any of the knowledge of coding I learned in school. And no, Weebly’s drag and drop editor did not reinforce any of the coding knowledge in any practical way.

It just goes to show that there is a YUGE difference between education for a grade, and education for a goal.

The former will have a bunch of 19 year olds doing the easiest possible method, absorbing nothing. The latter will test you, and will show you that learning new skills isn’t as hard as everyone makes it out to be.

Even if you don’t have a Chuck Grimmett in your life (but you could by applying to Praxis), the internet is rich with information on how to do anything.

It’s amazing more college students haven’t figured this out yet.

The internet is way cheaper and provides more valuable than your degree. And coding is easier than you think.


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